Red Roof House With Guest House

Question and verify all verbal claims important to you.

If the advertisement suggests "Buyer to do due diligence" this typically means the individual felt it was important enough to warn you about something he/she has not fully investigated or is there are certainly some unknown issues that could be very important.

Does the property have legal status? What is the zoning? What can I do in that zoning? What can my neighbors do in that zoning? Are the improvements legal and have all required permits for the construction, addition or remodel been approved? If there is a well...what is the flow currently and historically? Is the water potable? When was it last tested? If there is a septic? Is it legal for the improvement? In Jackson county, septics are rated by number of bedrooms (was an addition of bedrooms made without updating the septic?)

How is the access? Is it a public access or a private access? Who maintains the access way? Who owns the access? Who has liability of the access way? Do you have or need an easement? Does it specify that it is for residential use or maybe only for timber use? Does someone else have the right to use your property or access via an easement or other agreement?

Hey this is just the tip of the iceberg for understanding real property issues that can come up! If you think things like these are only small problems, talk to someone who has found they cannot get financing for a home loan, or has a buyer who cannot get financing due to these issues that come up?

Eyes wide open!