As a highly diverse real estate appraiser, Mark Baird has the experience and expertise to assist you in almost all of your appraising needs. As an expert with years of appraising experience, he can help you with all your appraising needs. Simply discussing it with him on the phone or by email will convince you that Mark Baird can competently provide the appraisal or consultation services you need. As an appraiser, Mark Baird takes pride in being professional, ethical, knowledgeable, and able to meet all quoted time frames. Your satisfaction comes first with Mark Baird, Appraiser.
We offer a variety of appraising services. Below is a list of just some of the services offered to our customers.
Multi-family apartment appraisals
Some of the services we provided:
● Self Contained Appraisals
● Summary Appraisals
● Restricted Use Appraisals
● Review Appraisals
● Appraisal Consulting
● Financial Feasibility Studies
● Highest and Best Use Analysis
● Income Capitalization Analysis
● Leasehold Analysis
● Fee Simple Analysis
● Leased Fee Analysis
● Life Estate Analysis
● Subdivision Analysis
● Absorption Analysis
● Rent and Lease Studies
● General Market Analysis
● Market Participant Surveys
● Economic Trend Analysis
● Expert Witness for Court
If you have any questions or comments about our services, please contact us. We look forward to serving you.